Red Cross CPR Certification Classes


The American Red Cross offers cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, and automated external defibrillator, or AED Certification for professional healthcare providers, emergency responders, students and educational staff, people in the workplace and individuals. The courses instruct learners on how to respond to an emergency, how to assist an unconscious person with breathing, and the skills of chest compression and rescue breathing in the event of a heart attack or a stroke. In addition, CPR may be provided as a blended learning option that is taught in conjunction with specialized training and first aid. The American Red Cross CPR Classes benefit:

  • Parents and grandparents with children in the home
  • People who work in high risk workplaces
  • Lifeguards, babysitters and preschool teachers
  • Individuals who care for family members or friends
  • School coaches and swimming instructors
  • Wilderness guides and enthusiasts
  • Professional emergency responders

American Red Cross ClassesAvailable for Workplaces, Schools, and Individuals

  • Workplaces: Unfortunately, some people experience potentially dangerous workplaces that may contain high risks for injuries and accidents. Workshops and factory settings may require or recommend that their employees are certified in CPR/AED and how to respond to cuts, burns, lacerations, falls and electrical accidents. An awarded CPR card is valid for two years of certification. Cost of this course is approximately $110 per person.
  • Schools: Designed for high school and college students, this course teaches CPR/AED and basic first aid for adults, children and infants. Learners will receive a certification after a 30-hour course that is valid for two years at successful completion. Costs of the course for an individual are approximately $110.
  • Individuals may choose from certified courses in adult and infant CPR/AED for approximately $65-90, depending on your location. The individual course is usually five to six hours in length, and includes a written examination and hands on demonstration component. After successful completion, a certification and CPR card is awarded.

American Red Cross Classes Available for Professional Rescuers

CPR/AED courses are offered by the American Red Cross that specializes in real-life situations for emergency medical technicians, firemen, medical personnel and other professional emergency responders. CPR and airway management is included in the use emergency medical equipment, medication administration and first aid. Cost is approximately $110 for a two-year certification awarded after a six hour course is successfully completed.

Can I take my get my American Red Cross CPR Certification online?

All Red Cross CPR classes for lay responders and professional rescuers are designed for formal classroom training. To acquire a certification or training in Red Cross CPR, it is necessary to find a location that teaches CPR in an area near your home or work location. Currently, there are no online courses for CPR training by the Red Cross.

How long is my certification valid for?

Depending on the course emphasis, most certifications for CPR by the American Red Cross are valid for one or two years.

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