First Aid Training Online


First aid training provides learners with the skills and knowledge of how to assist and rescue an injured person in an emergency situation. Although your job description may require the knowledge of first aid application and assessment, it is also possible that your family members may depend on your ability to keep their home safe and free from potential danger. Unfortunately, most serious accidents and injuries occur in the home and it is paramount for you to know what to do while waiting for professional medical responders to arrive. Conversely, first aid training and first aid skills are highly necessary for wilderness or camping enthusiasts that find themselves in remote areas with little chance of an arrival of immediate help. High quality first aid training can be acquired online and via offline courses. Job Descriptions that may require first aid certification include:

  • Child care workers
  • Lifeguard
  • Sports coaches
  • Educational staff and teachers
  • Health and mental care assistants
  • Home child care workers
  • Construction and other industry workers and staff
  • Emergency medical responders

Why Take First Aid Classes?

Since accidents and injuries occur near or in the home, the first responder is responsible for the safety and assistance of the injured victim. Often, you may be the only person available to assist with the survival of someone seriously harmed. Being trained in first aid can help you rescue and assist victims of unintentional poisonings, injurious falls, accidental drowning, heat stroke and unintended electrocution that may occur to anyone at anytime. In addition, your job may require a first aid certification to continue and maintain employment.

What type of First Aid Certification is Available Online?

The American Red Cross and The American Heart Association provide first aid courses that can be satisfied partially online with examinations and then completed with a hands-on component in a classroom located near you. The cost of courses is approximately $50 to 90, depending on your location and the course content.

First Aid Classes Offered Offline

First Aid Courses Offered Entirely Online and Offline

If you are a busy working professional or your family responsibilities make it difficult to take the time for first aid classes, consider the convenience of a course that you can complete online and still retain the option to take classroom courses if necessary. Take high-quality courses that are OSHA compliant without interfering with your hectic schedule. Depending on the length and depth of the course content, course costs are approximately less than $20 to 35.

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