CPR Recertification Online


What is CPR Recertification

Depending on which CPR class you have successfully completed determines the renewal time for CPR recertification. The American Red Cross recommends recertification every year, while the American Heart Association suggests a two year recertification. In addition, if you are required to keep a current CPR card by your employer, it is important that you read your job related guidelines concerning recertification and take note of your expiration date.

Why Update Your CPR Skills with Recertification

CPR guidelines and skills consistently change in a continuous improvement model that sharpens and fine tunes the steps of CPR in life saving procedures. Whether you have completed a BLS for healthcare providers or CPR for laymen, learning these new techniques are extremely important to keep your life rescue CPR skills sharp and current. In addition, if you have not used your CPR skills, you may forget the lifesaving steps and information of performing CPR in an emergency. Being recertified increases your confidence, empowers your thought process, and helps you remain composed when you need to think fast in an emergency. Some important life-saving techniques that need review for recertification are:

  • Assessment techniques of the unconscious adult or child
  • Rescue breath ratio to chest compressions solo and in a team
  • Techniques to rescue an adult or child from choking
  • Relearning chest compression depth and frequency for oxygen delivery
  • Current guidelines for activating the EMS (911)
  • Latest steps for saving the life of a victim of near drowning or electric shock of an adult or child

How to Renew Your CPR Certification

Online Renewal: Since you are refreshing your memory and relearning the important steps of CPR, you simply view videos and read literature online that has been updated and is current. You need to take and pass an exam after your review that should take approximately 30 minutes. When these requirements are completed, you will receive a new card and will be certified in the CPR course you have chosen.

Offline Renewal: If you choose to recertify offline, you will have to find a local CPR training center in your area that can update your CPR skills. Depending on which course you are recertifying, you will spend between two to four hours passing exams and demonstrating hands on skills. Be sure to choose a course that is close to you and is open when you are available.

How the Online Renewal Courses Work

Ensure the renewal course you choose has updated and current CPR information. Make note of which CPR course you need to recertify in:

  • Healthcare Provider CPR Recertification
  • Adult CPR Renewal
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) Recertification

You will need your CPR card or proof of your completion of the class for recertification. Simply register with the class you have chosen and study the literature, view the short videos to refresh your memory and skills, and then take and pass the exams for certification. Once completed, you will be a certified CPR card holder once again