AED Certification


What is AED Certification?


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An AED course will provide you with the powerful knowledge of how to apply an AED on your loved one and rescue their lives. AED certification includes how to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack and the application of the device to the victim for optimum results. The AED includes two pads that have electrical sensors that analyze the heart rhythm of a victim for you, and provides a shock of electricity when needed to revive the heartbeat. The placement of these pads in the correct positions is most important, and understanding the application of the device is essential. A certification gives you the confidence to save the lives of those you love with an AED in response to an emergency situation.

What Type of AED Certifications are Available in the Community and Online?

Sources for AED courses for certification in your local area are provided by the:

Information for AED and CPR Online Training

What Type of Careers Benefit from AED Training?

Anyone in the medical field must have training and certification that provides them with the proper use of an AED device, but hospital volunteers and a doctor’s office workers should also be certified. Taking the time to train in CPR and AED classes shows your employer how much you care about the people around you.

Careers that benefit from AED training include:

  • Child care workers
  • Lifeguards at the pool side and beach setting
  • Caregivers of the elderly
  • Office workers
  • People in retail malls and shop positions
  • Coaches and sports related jobs

Do I Need to Know CPR if I have an AED?

It is important that you acquire knowledge in CPR to understand the fundamental workings of the heart and how it responds in an emergency crisis. CPR Certification provides you with the necessary knowledge to supply oxygen to the victim and circulate their blood by applying compressions to the heart during the initial phases of rescue. CPR training also instructs on how to save a choking and drowning victim as well as the person in cardiac arrest. CPR online classes provide optimum knowledge to apply CPR rescue and are convenient—even for the busiest people. In addition, you will also need to acquire a certification in the use of an AED to empower you with the skills to save the life of a loved one. Most CPR Classes include AED training and provide the information in a manner that will help you remember what to do in an emergency.

Everyone Needs to Know CPR and AED Life Saving Procedures

Often, people in an emergency situation feel helpless when they don’t know how to help someone they love. With CPR and AED training, you will have the power and confidence to rescue a loved one in an emergency situation. In addition, everyone in your home should be trained as well; even children can perform CPR and learn how to conduct an emergency situation, call 911 or how to get help. Anyone can learn the simple steps to CPR and AED training, and you should.

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