CPR Certification Online


Why it is Important to Learn CPR

CPR is a set of skills and knowledge that will empower you to save the life of someone you love. Given the power of easy to perform techniques, you will be able to breathe air into the lungs of one who has stopped breathing from choking at the dinner table, or has been injured from an accidental electric shock. The knowledge of chest compression’s will enable you to circulate the oxygen in the blood of a person who has had a heart attack or is experiencing a stroke. Since 80 percent of fatal injuries and life threatening conditions occur in the home, chances are high that you will be the only one to rescue your loved one. Without an understanding of basic CPR, you may be helpless to rescue your family member or friend. The American Heart Association strongly advises you become certified in CPR because:

  • Certification in CPR gives you the confidence and complete information to provide the most successful rescue possible
  • More than 92 percent of heart attack victims die before they reach the hospital
  • The brain only has 4-6 minutes to live without oxygen, and it takes an average of 10-15 minutes for emergency medical teams (ambulance) to arrive at the home or business
  • Over 80 percent of people have heart attacks, fatal injuries or choking episodes in the home
  • Strangers are reluctant to perform CPR on your loved one because of the fear of communicable diseases
  • Millions of children could be saved every year if their parents or other family members knew how to perform CPR
  • Performing CPR can double or even triple the chances of the survival of a loved one.

How to Obtain Your CPR Certification Online

It has never been easier to get online CPR Certification than it is today. Programs have been extensively tested and proven by professional medical personnel that make their living by saving lives everyday. Professional videos are designed to instruct, demonstrate and provide you with the virtual hands on experience you would find in a regular CPR class. Be sure that the CPR course you choose offers the highest quality instructors, materials and videos.

How to Choose the Right CPR Course Online

Many different sites offer CPR Classes Online, and it is important that you choose wisely. Be sure the cost is reasonable, the instructors are professionally trained as emergency personnel, and the program offers different levels of CPR that fit your needs and availability. In addition, be sure the course you choose offers a certification at the completion of the course. It is paramount that you feel empowered, confident, and fully informed about performing CPR in an emergency.

What to Expect From an Online CPR Course

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A high-quality CPR class will offer organized and comprehensive CPR training lessons that explain when CPR is needed and how to perform CPR. Certification should be awarded at the completion of the course. Some of the important aspects of the CPR class include:

  • How to recognize the signs and symptoms of a person experiencing a heart attack
  • How to assess if a victim is breathing and how to perform rescue breathing
  • How to find a pulse in an unconscious victim and when to perform chest compressions
  • How to rescue a child from near drowning or electric shock
  • The basic roles of the lungs and the heart for oxygen in the body
  • How to save your loved one who is choking
  • How to recognize and use your emergency medical response system effectively (911)
  • How to rescue your loved one while waiting for the ambulance to arrive

The ability to save those you love urges everyone to learn CPR and stay currently certified. Get started now and be prepared to save the life of someone you love.